When do the 2017 Award entries open and close?
The Awards open 1 July. Questionnaires can then be downloaded off the site. Entries close, 25 August midnight.

What is the awards period?
The Awards are judged for the period July 2016 to June 2017 for the main awards. The Media Awards are judged for the period May 2016 – April 2017

I want to enter AdFocus, how much does it cost?
It doesn’t cost anything to enter the AdFocus Awards.

I want to enter AdFocus, where do I go?
Go to www.adfocus.co.za/awards

I’m in the AdFocus Awards website, now what?
Register, by going to www.adfocus.co.za/awards and clicking on >REGISTER< in the green block. Or before registering, to see what is required of you download the questionnaire by clicking on the category you want.

The questionnaire is available as a .DOC or .PDF. Give me the Agency Awards submission process in a brief step-by-step.

Go to www.adfocus.co.za/awards download the submission you want for the Agency Awards Collect the information and answer all the questions. Collect copies of the documentation that is needed.

Decide what you’re going to submit for the creative element or case study (only for certain categories)

Fill in the questionnaire, check it, make sure you’re happy with everything, then save it as a .PDF Go to www.adfocus.co.za/awards/registration and register.

You’ll receive an email with your login details and an automatically generated password Login Click on the category that you are entering.

Using the Entry Form, upload the completed questionnaire, and the supporting documentation e.g. BEE certificate Upload the creative URL, make sure it’s valid and if a password is needed include it; the link must be valid until 31st October.

You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of what you have sent us. Good luck!!

Why do I need to register to send in our agency’s submission?
It is a security feature and it also allows us to contact the correct person should we have questions about the submission.

What do I submit:

  1. Completed AdFocus agency questionnaire and a rationale (max 1 000 words). Ensure that these two elements are uploaded as one pdf and not as separate pdfs.
  2. BEE certificate
  3. Examples of your work. These may be submitted online; please send us the URL (link) where we can view examples of your work. Do not use links with access time limits.

Where do I register?
Click on the word >REGISTER< in the green block at www.adfocus.co.za/awards/registration

I’ve downloaded the questionnaire(s), what do I have to do next?
Get the required documents together and compile all of your agency’s information. Answer the questions. The completed AdFocus agency questionnaire, and a rationale (max 1 000 words) must be uploaded as one pdf, not separately.

We’ve collected all the information that is required to complete the questionnaire, we have copies of the requested documents. Now what?
You’ve filled in the questionnaire, and you’re happy with the information, save it in .PDF format together with your 1 000 word max rationale.

Why must I save it as a .PDF?
We’re only accepting agency submissions in .PDF format.
It’s secure and the format is stable, so it’s the choice of submission for our 2014 Awards entries.

How do I upload the documentation you want?
Once you’ve registered go to www.adfocus.co.za/awards/ and click on the category that you’re entering.
Follow the steps set out in the Entry Form.

  1. Click on the Browse button and upload the completed questionnaire and rationale.
  2. Click on the Browse button and upload a copy of the BEE certificate.
  3. Give us the correct URL link for the creative that you have submitted with your form.
    (Make sure you provide any login, username or password information if we are going to need it).

How do I submit and upload the creative work that our agency wants to send in as part of the submission?
Use an online service, e.g. WeTransfer or Dropbox or whichever you normally use to send creative or large files to clients.
Upload the creative that you want to accompany your submission, and make sure the correct URL is put into the Entry Form.
(Remember you have to have registered before you can do this.)

How long does the link for the creative work have to be valid for?
The link for the creative work has to be valid until the 31st of October.

Can I make changes to the submission once I’ve uploaded the .PDF?
Hell No!
You can’t.
Once you’ve finalized all the information on your submission and you’re happy with everything only then should you save the document in .PDF format and then upload it at www.adfocus.co.za/awards/
(Remember you have to have registered before you can do this.)

How do I know that you’ve received it?
You’ll receive a confirmation email with what you’ve sent us within a maximum of four hours.
This will be sent to the address that you used when you registered.

We don’t want to send in an Agency of the Year submission, we want to nominate individuals for the Individual Award categories: New Broom; Partnership of the Year; Industry Leader of the Year; Lifetime Achievement Award.
No problem.
You can enter the Individual Awards without entering the Agency Awards.
All you have to do to enter the Individual Awards is click on the award you’re interested in, and give us a few of your details. Then fill in the fields that we need you to complete. Once you’re done, click on SEND.
You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of what you have sent us within four hours.