The AdFocus Awards consistently up the game when it comes to showcasing agencies that deliver. Our winners demonstrate business results no matter how much the game changes. We are looking for the innovators. The agencies that partner with their clients to deliver on business creativity, reach and revenue. Our mission is to identify and celebrate advertising’s game changers.

This year there are a number of changes to the Awards.

1. The sections of the questionnaire are weighted as well as the motivation and in some Award cases, a case study or campaign. When you enter, please read the important information which gives this weighting and explains the parts to your entry.

2. A number of Awards that fell under the Nominations or Special Awards have been formalised into the Agency Awards. This includes the Partnership of the Year Award, Transformation Award, and African Impact Award. The Adaptability Award also falls into this category now. All of these Awards are on the website under Agency Awards.

3. Important to note is that the Large, Medium and Small Advertising Agencies criteria have changed:

  • Large Agency: 100 staff and up
  • Medium Agency: 26 to 99 staff
  • Small Agency: 1 to 25

4. There is only one entry to into the Media category this year. There is no split between network and independent agencies as in previous years.

5. The Adaptability Award introduced last year proved to be so popular that we have decided to make it a permanent Award category. Given that we are still in the throes of the COVID pandemic, with agencies having to adapt continuously, this Award is very pertinent.

6. We welcome back the Digital Agency of the Year Award. Our jury members felt this Award is relevant to the work of many agencies.

7. Please note the sections that the Awards fall under on the website. See below.


  • Large Advertising Agency of the Year
  • Medium Advertising Agency of the Year
  • Small Advertising Agency of the Year
  • Media Agency of the Year
  • Public Relations Agency of the Year
  • Specialist Agency of the Year
  • Digital Agency of the Year
  • Partnership of the Year
  • African Impact Award
  • Transformation Award
  • Adaptability Award.
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Industry Leader of the Year
  • Shapeshifter

Please note where you will find the different Award questionnaires on the site.


You can register for the Awards on the AdFocus website

  • Click on LOGIN and it will direct you to register.
  • Once you have registered you will receive an email with your login details.
  • You can then loginto the site.

Please note that your login details from 2020 are NOT valid and you have to register to get login details for 2021.


The deadline for all entries is midnight 10 September 2021 .


If you have questions at any stage of the AdFocus process, please contact the AdFocus Awards Coordinator, Danette Capper (Breitenbach), on 082-494-4174 or at

We look forward to your entry/entries.

Tumi Rabanye - 2020/21 Chairperson
Danette Capper = AdFocus Project Coordinator