What the f…rikkadel!!

Posted by News desk on 27 Oct, 2010 / News at a glance

When Debonairs Pizza delivered its new product to advertising agency morrisjones&co, the response was almost unanimous, “What the…?”. And so the campaign was born, says creative director Margarita Karvouniaris.

Little Girl Eyes Reaction

The new product was a large pizza with frikkadels in the crust, so the team decided to call it “What the Frikkadel?” or WTF? for short. The TV ad features South Africans reacting to their first look at a Debonairs “What the Frikkadel?” pizza. Karvouniaris says TV audiences will hold their breath as the “f” word – frikkadel – explodes.

The campaign was created by Karvouniaris, copywriter Mark Cope Grainger and art director Vanessa Tucker, and shot by Cindy Lee of Fresh Eye Films. The TV action is at the centre of an integrated campaign using in-store creative work and widespread use of social networking channels. The agency’s Mojo Interactive division created a Facebook page for Debonairs Pizza.

The WTF? campaign will continue through the summer.

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