"Ugly" wife gets sued by husband

Posted by News desk on 30 Oct, 2012 / Offbeat news

A Chinese man divorced his wife and then sued her in court – and won – for being ugly.

According to the report from PlanetIvy, northern China resident Jian Feng reportedly loved his wife, but after the couple gave birth to a baby girl whom he considered “ugly” to the point of being horrifying – and who apparently did not resemble either parent – he demanded to know who the real father was.

It turns out that the Feng was the real father. But Feng says that what his wife – who was not named in the report – didn’t tell him was that before they had ever met, she had undergone over $100,000 in plastic surgery, completely changing the way she looked.

Feng then filed for divorce and sued his wife in a Chinese court, claiming that she got him to marry her under false pretenses due to her appearance. A judge agreed and awarded Feng $120,000 in damages.

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