TLC water coolers heat up gyms

Posted by News desk on 17 Aug, 2012 / News at a glance

By strategically branding water coolers at every Planet Fitness Gym in the country through Unlimited’s TLC; Tibb Health Sciences (Pty) Ltd is creating brand awareness for its ProMan and ProWoman multivitamins amongst its core target market.

The three month campaign with TLC, Unlimited’s washroom advertising specialists, provides both a branding and educational platform for the pharmaceutical company.

Joint MD at TLC Brett Tucker says; “By branding water coolers within Planet Fitness gyms, clients are guaranteed an awareness boost of the products amongst a core and sought after target market. At the same time clients can provide further information about the products through branded A4 frames situated above each water cooler, maximising synergies,” he says.

“These platforms offer clients high impact visibility within the gym environment. This is because after working up a thirst, gym users naturally head to the water coolers thereby being exposed to the client’s core branded message.”

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