Shop and change

Posted by Zweli Mokgata on 25 Aug, 2011 / News

Legal issues around outdoor  advertising are helping to drive out-of-home advertisers into shopping malls.

Ilone Collins, a director of outdoor media specialist Property Development Services, says the problem in SA is not the laws governing outdoor media but their application. He says media owners can wait up to four years for a response to an application to erect outdoor signage.
As a result, some media owners lose patience and build illegally. But their frustration isn’t the only reason for the shift to mall advertising. “Malls are attractive to brands that want to influence decisions at the place of purchase.”

Primall Media sales and marketing executive Lee Curtis says mall advertising has grown significantly in the past five years. “We estimate it has a 3%-5% share of total out-of-home advertising spend,” he says. “We are constantly refining our media platforms and innovation in order to acquire a bigger piece of the pie.”

He says mall advertising is gathering momentum. “Five years ago mall owners were reluctant, but because of the way we have packaged mall media space and reduced clutter in the mall, this is no longer a factor and they welcome the media.”

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