Primedia Lifestyle taps into township marketing

Posted by News desk on 12 Jun, 2012 / News at a glance

As part of its strategic positioning as a provider of top line marketing intelligence to its clients Primedia Lifestyle Group Marketing Executive Busisiwe Mahlaba recently gave a presentation at a Township Marketing workshop.

A key focus of the presentation was the importance of advertisers knowing and appreciating the nuances of the township target market around a particular shopping centre. “This doesn’t just require a superficial analysis but rather a deeper understanding, resulting in qualitative insights such as: needs, wants, challenges, worries, mindset etc.

“With the amount of time we spend researching our target markets in the field and the experience garnered from the many campaigns we’ve run over the years, we’re able to give our clients quality feedback on what will and won’t work for their promotions,” explained Mahlaba.

During the workshop, she presented key insights drawn from recent Primedia Lifestyle campaigns to substantiate this view:

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