No one nose loyalty like Twinsaver

Posted by David Furlonger on 25 May, 2010 / Features

Is it possible to have a personal relationship with a brand that you use to wipe your nose – or worse – then throw away?
Advertising agency TBWAHuntLascaris and Twinsaver — the tissue with which many South Africans have grown up — evidently think so. A recent change of packaging and new brand message are designed to revive the loyalty the brand has enjoyed for the last 35 years.
Preserving that loyalty is becoming more difficult, as cheap house — “no-name” — brands take a bigger slice of the market, says Nampak Tissue marketing manager Hugh Wilson.
A generation of South Africans grew up with slogan “Forget-me-not Twinsaver”. Many have personal memories of the brand — for example, their mother using it to clean a grazed knee, or personally to wipe away a tear.
Now a new generation must be persuaded to use the brand. The TBWA ad campaign offers the message, “The softer side of SA”. In one commercial, young township soccer players use Twinsaver tissue to mark out their field.
The packaging change is subtle, says Wilson. “Consumers felt the old packaging was dated. On the other hand, they said it should not lose the distinctive flowers and bright colours. The brand stands out more now.”
Interviews with 200 consumers showed 78% liked the new packaging, while the other 22% did not dislike it. Nearly all the interviewees were female. “Men don’t notice packaging design changes,” says Wilson.

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