Mobflashing – Effective, Experiential, Exponential

Posted by Opinion desk on 13 Apr, 2012 / Features

Imagine a digital marketing tool where the consumer isn’t manipulated into broadcasting brand values and instead of being validated by the brand, the brand validates them. Enter Mobflashing, an entirely different concept introduced by digital evangelists, The Content Bar.

Mobflashing is a digitally enhanced professional studio setup with customized backdrops and branding, which allows subjects to upload, post and share their photos on a variety of digital platforms including social networking sites, all at the touch of an interactive screen button. What sets the Mobflashing experience apart from other interactive studio setups is their key strategies which are only created after identifying the brand’s primary objectives and end needs, making each Mobflashing experience unique.

The idea of Mobflashing is to create a live activation environment,which enables the user to generate the content, which in turn stimulates viral conversations. Not only does the Mobflashing experience provide a community with a unique experience in connecting with the brand, it also allows for the Client to capture details of their consumer when they engage with the Mobflashing experience. In addition, the back-end technology behind the professional photo studios and devices allows for the brand to capture demographic details of the user. It’s this unique platform where the consumer gives the brand permission to talk directly to them, which leads to a natural progression  of the user carrying on the conversation.

The mobile photographic studios and devices instantly broadcast to multiple online distribution platforms, including social networking sites and client-designated portals.

They also have the option of SMS’ing users direct links to these platforms all through a real time experience.

The concept is the brainchild of Michael Balkind and the team at The Content Bar. The product was first tried and tested in 2009, it has since developed and evolved in terms of unique automated software which manipulates the image, adds graphics, branding and has immediate online sharing options; be it SMS’ing, printing or sharing the experience on Facebook or Twitter. Since their first campaign, The Content Bar’s Mobflashing concept has been employed by the J&B Met, is a staple at the Super Rugby and Tri-Nations events as well as the Vodacom Soccer Challenge.

Where Mobflashing differs from its competitor products is the development in terms of background and experience. “When I started my first Company, JHB Live, I realised how our cameras at events drew a crowd”, comments Balkind.“Everyone wanted to be noticed and photographed having fun. It was a logical step to develop what was then a photographer with a camera who rushed back to our offices to manually upload the images onto Facebook themselves”.

The Mobflashing concept is now a holistic, live, online digital marketing experience from which brands have unlimited benefit. The Content Bar offers 12 years of engaging with digital communities, online publishing and community strategies. It’s their understanding in how to ensure a Client’s above the line strategy is converted and integrated into the digital and social media space.

“Mobflashing is part of a bigger picture in today’s hi-tech and social marketing mix.

Our team works endlessly on new innovations; our future tools are being integrated with all kind of techy interactive devices to enable brands to interact in a 360 transmedia way”, concludes Balkind.

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