Marketing made simple – AdFocus Awards

Posted by David Furlonger on 27 Nov, 2013 / From the Editor

Are you an entrepreneur with a brand, service or product the world is waiting for? Is the only thing holding you back the fact that the world doesn’t yet know about it? Then you should read AdFocus, the Financial Mail’s communications annual published with this week’s magazine.

“Marketing for non-rocket scientists: The beginner’s guide to everything” is a basic guide to getting your message to market. Whether it’s advertising, branding, public relations or one of the many other communications tools, this extended feature advises you on the marketing options, who to speak to, and the questions to ask. It includes tips from many of SA’s leading brand communicators, including how to avoid the mistakes of others before you.

It’s not the only reason to read AdFocus. There’s another special feature in which we celebrate SA’s Trailblazers, the men and women who have electrified the global advertising and communications industry and paved the way for others to follow.

AdFocus includes in-depth analysis of latest trends in advertising, media strategy, digital, branding and market research, shows you who are SA’s biggest advertisers, and looks at SA’s winners at local and international awards shows.
And then, of course, there are the agency and individual winners of the AdFocus Awards. They were honoured at a ceremony on Wednesday this week.

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