LUNCH BAR AT 50: Working man’s meal

Posted by Jeremy Maggs on 2 Apr, 2015 / Latest News & Features


THE middle-income chocolate market has become an important focus for big industry players like Mondelez SA, but supply of key ingredients is a concern.

As the company marks 50 years of the Cadbury Lunch Bar, Mondelez SA chocolate marketing executive Meredith Kelly says: “The premium segment is growing and that is a trend seen globally. The challenge we are faced with is to keep chocolate an affordable, daily treat and not inaccessible to the ordinary South African.”

Kelly says there has been an unprecedented global rise in the cost of raw materials that go into manufacturing, which has placed pressure on the SA market.

The chocolate bar category in SA is worth R2,9bn annually.

The new Lunch Bar consumer is described as a male, blue-collar worker, aged 25-35, living in a township. Kelly says many South Africans buy chocolate as a convenient energy boost — to satisfy hunger — but the mind-set changes based on affluence and gender.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Lunch Bar will run a six-month integrated advertising campaign.

Kelly says the brand has also been assessing when to include digital in its marketing output as consumers are becoming more savvy in this area and embracing social media.

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