Green Bulls

Posted by News desk on 14 Jun, 2010 / News at a glance

Lowe Bull Johannesburg has launched a programme to nurture talent within the industry. The advertising agency has selected five young advertising graduates to join the “Bull Pen”. Effectively a mini-agency within Lowe Bull, the group is comprised of students who have specialised in creative, account management and strategy.

“The Bull Pen is more than an internship programme,” says agency deputy MD Claire du Plessis. “It’s a rare opportunity for young graduates to be involved in the daily operation of an agency, and to partner with some of the industry’s leading talents on live projects.”

The Bull Pen is designed to give the youngsters a close-up view of how an agency works and how creative ideas are born. Two teams will collaborate on actual client projects over six months with the potential of becoming permanently employed by the agency.

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