Free State’s local newspapers tap into R2,54-bn market

Posted by News desk on 31 Jul, 2012 / News at a glance

According to research from Ads24, local Free State newspapers have the ability to tap into a market where household incomes collectively represent R2,54-bn. The research, profiled in an informative infographic, highlights key demographic data of the Free State’s local newspaper readers sourced from the Compass24 research.

The Free State infographic includes several highlights about local newspaper readers:

  • 652 000 people in the Free State read local newspapers
  • Their home language is mainly Xhosa, Afrikaans and South Sotho
  • Their household income indicates a potential spend of R2.54Bn per month
  • 91% live in formal areas, with 70% in the LSM 6+ group
  • 72% prefer inserts over knock and drop distribution and 29% have accessed the internet in the past 12 months

The Free State may not be top of mind for advertisers based in the Gauteng, Western Cape or KwaZulu-Natal business hubs, but is an important region for national advertisers to consider.

  • The two biggest sectors in the Free State economy are Agriculture and Mining.
  • GDP figures from Statistic SA shows the Free State’s contribution to national GDP is R69 billion, or 6% of the Total South African GDP.
  • The Free State is 129 825 square kilometres with a fairly sparse population density of 23 people per square kilometre.
  • there are 2 078 000 adults living in the Free State province according to AMPS 2011AB.
  • 49% male and 51% female.
  • 87% are Black
  • 75% are Household decision makers, with 63% earning up to R4 999
  • 15% earn between R5 000-R7 999.  9% earn between R8 000-R10 999, 7% earn between R11 000-R19 999 and 5% earn R20 000+.
  • 5% fall into LSM 1-3, 79% fall into LSM 4-7 and 17% LSM 8-10.

“The aim of the infographics is to offer relevant, easy-to-use visual information to advertisers wanting to reach targeted consumers via local publications, which as our research has proven, resonate powerfully with the man-in-the-street,” says Linda Gibson, Ads24’s CEO. 

Released in February 2012, Compass24 provides local newspaper editors and advertisers alike with valuable consumer and demographic information.

The Compass24 research, revealed that:

  • societies are becoming more community-focused;
  • local newspapers are becoming an alternative and relevant advertising medium;
  • brands are able to speak directly to  consumers within each community;
  • community-centricity implies an attraction to local newspaper titles that differs to the attraction to national publications, as the local format speaks directly to the specific needs of a  niche market.  

Compass24 has researched communities in the Western Cape Peninsula, Boland, Northern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KZN, Mpumalanga and North West.

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