Flaming expensive

Posted by News desk on 6 Jul, 2010 / Offbeat news

Sweden’s Feminist Party burned banknotes worth 100000 Swedish crowns ($13010) on Tuesday to highlight wage disparities between men and women, reports Reuters. Party leader Gudrun Schyman took about 25 minutes to burn the notes on a barbecue.

Sweden holds a general election on September 19 and the Feminist Party hopes to win its first seat in parliament since it was founded in 2005. In Sweden’s last national election in 2006, the Feminist Party won less than 1% of the vote. Parties need at least 4% to earn a seat in the national assembly.

The money-burning, using cash donated by an advertising agency, was intended to illustrate how women in Sweden “lose” 100000 crowns every minute because their wages are lower than men’s.

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