Dead but still breathing

Posted by David Furlonger on 4 Aug, 2011 / News

Who says print is dead or that TV is approaching its sell-by date as an advertising medium? A new study on behalf of media agency Carat SA suggests both retain a strong influence on consumer decisions.

The 2011 Consumer Connection System study asked 3000 adults about their relationship with various media and how these affect product awareness and buying decisions. Among the findings:

*Magazine ads influenced 78% of readers to purchase products. Radio scored 74%, shopping-mall activations 77%, free samples 69% and online 39%;

*TV influences the brand opinions of 96% of viewers, cinema advertising 42% and online advertising 46%;

*Radio advertising has the highest trust rating with 84%. But 22% of those interviewed said they would try a product if it was recommended by a friend, and 29% would respond to ads with a phone number or Web address;

*Asked in which media they  most remembered ads appearing, 98% nominated TV, 85% radio, 78% newspapers  and 49%  the Internet;

*When it comes to noticing ads, TV is tops again with 97%, print 74% and shopping environments over 80%.

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