CUSTOMER RELATIONS: Rethink push-marketing

Posted by Jeremy Maggs on 9 Apr, 2015 / Latest News & Features

Marketers obsessed with customer management systems should think again about engagement with the market, says Scott Cundill, founder of This is a standalone software programme and part of Internet communication company Majestic Interactive.

Cundill believes customer relationship management is an overtraded concept.

“If customer relationship management processes and systems can also find their way to deliver intelligent communication, there is unprecedented potential for businesses.”

He says once such systems are established in a company and customer data is being mined, it would seem natural to communicate in a relevant and engaging manner but this doesn’t always happen. Brands, he adds, need to turn traditional push-marketing campaign tactics on their head by establishing an authentic connection with the customer at a point of relevance in their lives.

Cundill says real-time marketing and communication is the next evolution in brand building and intelligent integration of customer relationship management systems, and communication strategy takes away the need to enforce tactics such as mail shots or SMS campaigns.

Authentic customer communication, he says, is a multidimensional real-time marketing journey that connects with customers through the right communication channels at the right moments to obtain meaningful information.

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