Cougars rile Kiwis

Posted by News desk on 19 Jan, 2010 / News

A promotional commercial that portrays single, middle-aged women as cougars prowling bars looking for sex with young men has landed Air New Zealand in hot water, reports The Sun newspaper in England.

The ad is filmed as a David Attenborough-style wildlife show. The sexy older woman approaches a group of men because the she has “not tasted fresh meat for days”. She then drags her “prey” to her apartment. The Sun reports that the women, aged in their 30s, 40s and 50s, routinely prey on men in their 20s.

The ad is part of a promotion encouraging women aged 35-plus to send in photographs of themselves out on the town with their “cougar mates”. They will then be put in a draw for a deal including a flight and ticket to a sporting event.

The Sun reports that New Zealand’s Rape Prevention Education organisation has labelled the ad appalling, disgusting and degrading to women. An airline spokeswoman says the campaign was supposed to be “light-hearted” but some older women had “taken a bit of offence to it”.

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