ComutaNet grows aggressively

Posted by News desk on 11 Jul, 2012 / News at a glance

South Africa’s public transport system is the heartbeat of most communities in this country with over 20 million people using taxis, buses and trains to commute to and from work on a daily basis.  As such taxi ranks, bus and train stations are hubs of commuter activity.   

With this in mind, ComutaNet continues to evolve its offering and the company has hinted at exciting developments throughout the rest of  2012 including Rank TV and Comuta Radio upgrades, the addition of new sites and more. 

“Our Rank TV audience now consists of 3 million unduplicated weekly commuters with Comuta Radio providing direct access to 2.2 million unique weekly commuters nationally. This growth of over 300 000 commuters on a weekly basis has and will continue to drive our investment into new technology and new sites going forward.” Says Howard Plaatjes, CEO of ComutaNet. 

Independent market research commissioned by ComutaNet shows that companies are interested in making use of commuter transport advertising platforms and that these platforms are trusted.” Says Garry Rogers, Executive of Sales and Marketing.  “The trust in mediums such as Rank TV and Comuta Radio can be attributed, in part, to the content which is tailored to the specific region and the sector as a whole.  Each site is an independent channel with unlimited access to a variety of relevant tailor made content.  This affords clients with the opportunity to execute their regional strategies as both the mediums have the ability to regionally split content and advertising. 

On Rank TV for example, the high entertainment value creates a sense of community around what is being flighted including live crossovers to sport and religious events. In addition, informative content including live crossings to news, weather and traffic provide valued content to an engaged, captive audience during a time and place where no other traditional media is freely available. 

In addition Comuta Radio is a radio force to be reckoned with. Recent listenership figures indicate that the medium is an impressive third on the long list of stations reaching commuters following Ukhozi FM and Metro FM. All the more reason for growing the offering to this market.” concludes Garry Rogers, Executive of Sales and Marketing.

More than 22 years’ experience in successfully advertising to the South African commuter  and evolving the media offerings available to them substantiates ComutaNet #1 positioning in understanding the dynamic nature of the commuter market .

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